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Da-sein design workshop

Da-sein design workshop

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Rock Chairs

The Rock Chairs is a set of four unique chairs, designed and crafted in Russia for Tanoju Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

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"If you can  make it possible for a Flower to blossom on the Stone, you will get a life lasting Spring."

The concept is to make Flowers bloom, during the exciting process of creating an outstanding experiences in designing.


To unite traditional craftsmanship and contemporary digital technologies, we created designing and crafting process that included  insightful symbolic thinking approach,  intelligent application of materials, as well as a high performance computer modeling and CNC milling with unique algorithm.

Rock Chairs

We used 3D scans of real stones from the shore of Japanese Sea, Elm wood, grown in Russian Taiga and paint similar to the one used for creating Khokhloma pieces. We combined these techniques to create our creative experiment, full of "rock and roll" energy, vivid  traditional symbolism encompassing deep meanings.

Rock Chairs
Rock Chairs

This project is about sharing creative experiences of Russian and Japanese designers.

It has brought together Russian conceptual thinking, the ability to do the impossible with Japanese philosophical approach and unique spiritual experience of the world.

Rock Chairs
Rock Chairs

Made of wood and steel.

Made in Russia.

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Da-sein Design Workshop


Russia, Vladivostok

Pogranichnaya st.,4


тел. 8 (902) 554-50-55






Designed by Da-sein Design Workshop and Suzuki Kazuaki.


Crafted by Da-sein Design Workshop, supporting by Russian-Japanese Research Center  "Woodworking".

Photographer Vitaly Sosnin

In Da-sein we belive in a fundamentally important role of Education.

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